Beach wedding in Amaltheia, Athens | Sonya & Demitrios


'' Sonya and Demitrios,

I would like to say a HUGE thanks to both of you ,for your kindness  and your calmness. You can't imagine how you helped my work!

I am very happy with the results. In the pictures you can find almost every emotion you can imagine. Joy , crying , laughter , anxiety , surreal moments and the list goes on.. ''.


This was the last mail I sent to Sonya before I sent their photos and I think it's the best introduction for this amazing couple and their wedding photographs . I don't want to say too much , I'll just leave the photos to tell everything. 

The wedding took place in "Amaltheia the place" , a great venue for a beach wedding , nearby Athens.

Happy viewing!!!


George Tsimbouksis