Wedding in Hydra | Hydra Wedding Photographer | Γάμος στην Ύδρα

Their pre wedding shooting was only the start ....

What can I say for this wedding , this couple and this Island ? The words can't describe what I felt the two days I was in Hydra island to document Nectario's and Danae's wedding. This wedding had everything in the photography pallete : First of all, the location and the weather were fantastic, with the clouds at it's best, helping us to make some iconic images during Hydra's sunset . It was full of emotions , jokes , laughters , great musicians , great dancers ... A paradise for every documentary wedding photographer !!!

Danae and Nectarios may be from Canada but their heart and soul beats in Greeks rhythms . Their hospitality and character exceeded even more the Greek standards  and everybody built a festive atmosphere  during the wedding day . 

The photos say what I can't say in words.